Membership Dues by Category

Full Chapter Membership, $78

ICF San Antonio Chapter Full Membership (full voting rights) is granted to an individual actively engaged in business or personal coaching and is an active member of the ICF. Full membership is granted upon paying the annual Chapter activity fee of $75, which is separate from the ICF membership fee. All members agree to adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics and Ethical Conduct Review Process. Only Full Membership coaches who are active members of ICF Global can be elected to the Board of Directors or any committee. 

Associate Chapter Membership, $100

ICF Associate Membership (no voting rights) is granted to an individual whose career direction is not primarily that of professional coaching, yet supports the skill-sets, principles, and goals of the ICF and is interested in aligning with our coaching resources, culture, and community. Associate members are not required to join the ICF, but agree to abide by the ICF Code of Ethics and pay the annual fee of $100. Although an Associate member cannot be an officer or board director, s/he can serve are a committee chair or committee member. All associate candidates must have an ICF San Antonio member endorse their application.

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